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Whimsical tragical

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Mar. 21st, 2008 | 08:06 am

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I try to think of what I did wrong the previous night....... and all I come up with is I drink too much.  Not that I've stopped making an ass of myself when I'm drunk, but more.... I've been drunk so much .... hm.

At least I have my pint glass.  Wallet.  Shoes.  Backpack. 

Contacts?  Don't know. 

Must've been reading drunk again last night because my book is balanced precariously upon the pile of clothes I dropped on the floor after undressing.

Might actually be hungover today.  Ah well.  Yesterday's nap was marvelous.

I don't think I've gone to work sober since..... I can't even remember.  It's only because it's always in the morning, you know.

I must look as absolutely ridiculous as I feel on mornings like, these- stumbling around my room drunk and naked, lurching, falling, tripping, knocking shit over and giggling to myself.  And somehow I always manage to pull shit together.  Always make it to work on time, if not ten minute early.

Don't know don't now don't know.

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