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Cool From the Get Go

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Mar. 22nd, 2008 | 03:01 pm

Yesterday evening was lovely, clear skies, chilled white wine, cold ground underneath my toes, calm smooth water, skipping stones, wide open skies and the sun!  The setting sun and the rising moon!  In the car to get beer, I saw the moonrise amongst the dark trees.

I never want to miss another setting sun or rising moon while I'm at this place.  I have no excuses.  Sunset and cool white wine...

My run yesterday was awkward and heavy limbed.  Alcoholic.  Don't really want to run today because I think it'll be the same, but I took Thursday off, so. 

Wish my basil plant wasn't so difficult to care for.

Madeleine got out again last night, and I don't even know how.  Dumb little thing.  I kinda adore her.  Cleaned out her cage.

I'm starting to look back at what I write and a lot of it is about alcohol.  I think that's lame. 

Have a lot of laundry to do- between cleaning up last night's mess and also washing the multiple skirts that have been borrowed the past couple days.

Now?  I think I will run.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to what with last night's walk and all, but I think I'll be just fine.  I will run and come back, take a long hot shower, make a fresh pot of hot coffee.  It will be another lovely day.  It has been already.

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